New International GED Test Program Launched

posted on 08 May 2017 13:21 by pressrelease in Education

- Program Updated To Better Prepare Learners For College

GED Testing Service has launched a new International GED testing program. Available in over 60 countries, the new program will better equip students to enter and succeed in University degree programs and offers an alternative path to attaining a high school credential.

The new program is aligned to the newest U.S. high school standards and measures 21st century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Students who pass the GED test receive a U.S. high school credential that can be used to enter Universities in countries around the world. The GED test, which is accepted by virtually all U.S. colleges, is gaining greater acceptance by Universities in countries like Thailand, Bangladesh, South Africa, UAE, Nepal and others.

The new international GED testing program will include several new features and benefits including:

- New GED Ready practice tests that are highly predictive of performance on the GED test. Students will also have access to a detailed score report to help guide any needed remediation or extra study to pass the test.
- A website that provides more information about the GED program and allows students to easily register for the exam, check scores and use career tools.
- Easier and quicker access to diplomas and transcripts through GED Testing Service's website .
- Free professional development resources for GED preparation instructors.

The GED test was developed from the ground up to measure high school level skills and knowledge and assures Universities that students passing the test have demonstrated those skills. Passing the test also demonstrates that the test-taker can write and understand English at the 12th grade level and the new GED score report provides targeted feedback for each test-taker.

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About GED Testing Service

The GED test has opened doors to better jobs and college programs for more than 20 million graduates since 1942. The GED test is accepted by virtually all U.S. colleges and employers. As the creator of the one official GED test, GED Testing Service has a responsibility to ensure that the program continues to be a reliable and valuable pathway to a better life for the millions of adults without a high school diploma. GED Testing Service is a joint venture between the American Council on Education and Pearson.

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