Guangfu Temple Fair: Traditional Folklore with Newfangle

posted on 02 Mar 2017 15:12 by pressrelease in Travel

In the middle of February, the 7th Guangfu Temple Fair staged at various sites in Guangzhou, bringing novelty along with the charm of traditions. In this temple fair debuted over 70 programs and 130 performances, attracting more than 6 million visitors.

Introducing creativity in to the traditional folklore, the temple fair brought along newfangle which blossomed around the city. A great diversity of activities were presented herein, including art performances, exhibitions of intangible cultural heritage, folk culture performances, animation and cartoon temple fair, charity temple fair and water temple fair.

Decorating the trains of Gruangzhou subway Line 6 are symbols of local life such as the flower market, the Canton enamel and traditional buildings with arcades called Qilou. These brought along a rich taste of the Cantonese culture. Held at the Gongyuanqian Station was the "Subway Temple Fair" with fantastic performances such as Cantonese operas, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and Cantonese music shows staged for local dwellers.

At the north of Beijing Road in the city's old historic town lay two huge "silkworms" symbolizing the "Market of Creation", a new project set in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition area of the temple fair. In the silkworm-shaped tents displayed works of about 120 young artists. With a one-yuan ticket in support of originality, visitors could come into the market to buy artworks at various stands. The silkworm-shaped soft sculpture tents, with the length of 35 meter each, also hit a new Guinness World Record as the longest inflatable models, attracting nearly 40,000 visitors in the "belly".

Across the street beyond the Chinese redbud trees adorned by red lanterns, the "Guangfu Chaoxu Market" outside the Dongfang Wende Square proved to be a famous attraction for youngsters. At the "Chinese Art Hall", young students presented their works such as Canton enamel, Canton embroidery, egg decorating and copper seals, all of which are local traditional crafts that have been listed as intangible cultural heritage. The "Love Pavilion" brought to young people the sparks of tradition colliding with fashion as well as games bringing together stranger.

The "Lantern Riddle Bus" of the Guangfu Temple fair carried with it an abundant display of Cantonese culture as it travelled across the old town of Zhongshan Road and the Chenghuang Temple to Zhujiang New Town. Passengers could scan the QR codes by Wechat on the bus to submit answers and win gifts.

It has been seven years since the first Guangfu Temple Fair was held. Nowadays, with happiness it brings to local neighborhoods, this cultural event has become the second most attractive temple fair in China.