- First Impact Fund to Promote Female Leadership in Hong Kong

Delphinium Female Leadership Fund I, LP (the "Fund"), an exempted limited partnership fund advised by Delphinium Capital Partners Limited, has announced the successful first close of the Fund on 25 December 2016 after raising USD 16 million of new capital.

The Fund has secured commitments from several family offices and successful entrepreneurs. Potential commitments are under negotiation with institutional investors and foundations who seek to make impact investments into female-led companies operating in Asia Pacific.

Ms. Vivian Yan, Executive Director of DFL Fund Management Limited, said, "We are very excited with the opportunity to nurture and showcase successful female business leaders and their businesses. We believe our emergence on the scene can help bring better awareness to the issue of gender diversity within the industry."

The Fund is an unlisted investment vehicle seeking to provide growth capital to mid-sized companies operating in Asia Pacific with strong female participation at the C-level. Founded in October 2016 by a multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals with decades of experiences in direct investment and asset management, the Fund seeks to establish itself as the fore-runner in the investment of female leaders.

The Fund is supported by like-minded professionals from the business community. Ms. Ka Shi Lau, Managing Director and CEO of BCT group, Mr. Ming San Kwan (known as Savio), Founder of A&K Consulting and former COO of Alibaba, and Ms. Shelly Painter, Regional Managing Director of Vanguard's Asia Business, are members of the Board of Advisors to the Fund.

For more information of the Fund's work and vision, please refer to its website at http://www.delphiniumcap.com/ .


Ms Vivian Yan
Executive Director, DFL Fund Management Limited - General Partner of Delphinium Female Leadership Fund I, LP
Email: vivian@delphiniumcap.com
Tel: +852-2960-2311

About DFL Fund Management Limited

DFL Fund Management Limited is the General Partner of the Fund. Managed by experienced professionals who have spent the last two decades investing and raising funds (including through IPOs) for mid-sized companies in Asia Pacific.

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